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Remo Vinzens
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Remo Vinzens
Remo Vinzens 2021 (1).png

Corona soliloquy 2022
Performed for Remo's instagram channel.

"The Glass Menagerie" audio/video tape online
Remo as Tom Wingfield in TW's Glass Menagerie

Promo Teaser: The Curse of the Silver Chain
Movie release 2024

N E X T   T O U R 

The Government Inspector

Planned for 2024- The Russian comedy Novelist Nikolai Gogol.

N E X T   G I G

Remo in "Frank and Sam"
Stageplay planned 2024

Promo Audio excerpt on YouTube

Link Video | Production


L A T E S T  N E W S​

# News, pics and videos on Insta  -Jan  20th 2023
Starting from January 2023, the website has transitioned to sporadically sharing news and visuals. To get all the information, simply follow Remo's Instagram account.

# Cororona soliloquy 2022 - August 20th 2022

Performed for Remo's instagram channel  more

# New headshot for 2021 online -  March 10th 2021

A brandnew headshot is available for free us MORE

# New pictures of Remo-  Februar 9th ​ 2021

See the latest pictures of Remo in corona times MORE



# New headshoot -  September 9th ​ 2020

New 2 headshots photos online LINK

# Remo in Gogol's play in late 2020-  March 19th​ 2020

The Government Inspector stageplay has been

postponed due to Corona-Virus.  MORE

# Remo in the director's chair March 11th  2020

Pics Remo working on acting now online MORE

# Remo almost lost eyesight- March 1st 2020

Image campaign for a good cause

pics and commercial now online MORE

# "Free Trip To Egypt" film premiered - May 31st 2019

New movie "Free Trip to Egypt" premiered at the AMC Empire in New York  MORE

# Free Trip hit US theaters in May-May 1st 2019

New movie Remo collaborated on coming out

in US-theaters this May MORE

#Remo working with newcomers  April 20th 2019

See the latest pics of Remo teaching  in Zurich  MORE

#Remo gets started with working  April 6th 2019

"The Government Inspector" by Gogol in 2020 MORE

#Rehearsing for upcoming project  March 8th 2019
New pics of Remo online  MORE


# Remo might stars in “Frank & Sam”  - March 3rd 2019

He is in negotiations to perform as Frank in the

father-son relationship drama “Frank and Sam” in

2020. MORE

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